Alex Downing

Alex Downing

Marketing Manager

Alex manages Dragoman's marketing team and makes sure the word is getting out about Dragoman's overland tours.

Working as Marketing Manager combines both my passion for travel and marketing so its a dream job for me! It's fantastic getting the word out to everyone about the amazing trips and tours that we can offer. My background is in travel and leisure marketing with far more years under my belt than I care to admit to.

I travelled with Imaginative Traveller myself all over the world before coming to work here so I'm a big fan! I've been on some fantastic trips to South Africa, Borneo, Morocco, Tanzania down to Zanzibar and even Costa Rica for my honeymoon. More recently I've travelled around South East Asia, the Caribbean and Mauritius along with various short jaunts to Europe.

Last Summer I was lucky enough to travel with Dragoman across South America from Buenos Aires to Santiago. This was the first Dragoman family trip across South America and was a fantastic experience for my family and those that we travelled with. I can't wait to do my next tour with Dragoman and just need to decide between Dragoman's other family trips across Africa from Namibia, through Botswana up to Victoria Falls with my family or to take my daughter to East Africa for the first time.