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Like virtually all other operators who do get through this crisis, we will have to be a smaller organisation to begin with. We are deeply saddened to have to lose some of our really valuable colleagues, both at our HQ and out on the road. This is an immensely hard situation, because at Dragoman, our team are not just staff or crew; we are all good friends and part of a true Dragoman family. We are hoping however, that this is not a permanent parting of the ways and that as soon as we are able we will get back up to full strength again.

It has also meant that, for the time being, we have had to temporarily close our sales base in Australia. For the next six to twelve months, our UK HQ will service Australia and New Zealand, as well as Europe and North America. So wherever you are in the world you will be able to contact us at:

Phone: +44 (0) 1728 861 133

Currently we have a small skeleton staff, who are full-time non-furloughed, who are backed up by a part-time team, who are partially furloughed.

Meet the Team who are currently non-furloughed or partially-furloughed.

Lesley Clark

Senior Tailor Made Travel Consultant Lesley brings a wealth of travel experience to our Sales team, and is a Senior Consultant in the Tailor-Made Team of our sister company, Imaginative Traveller.

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Marie Bannister

Assistant Cost Accountant Marie has been with Dragoman since 2012, working in our busy Accounts Department and with our team of on-road crew.

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Michael Battley

Sales Manager Michael manages our busy Sales team; with 26 countries under his belt he has a wealth of knowledge that he loves to share.

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Nala is one of the newer members of our canine team and is responsible for meeting and greeting visitors, licking things (such as visitors), and howling inconsolably.

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Patrick Tolliday

Senior Business Development Manager Patrick has been with Dragoman since 2016 and works closely with our agent partners.

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Sally Ells

Operations Manager for Asia Sally is responsible for keeping Dragoman's tours in Asia running smoothly.

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Sue Markot

Financial Controller Sue is an avid and accomplished traveller with most of her career being in the travel industry, and she's also fantastic with figures.

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Tom Gooding

Digital Marketing Executive Tom is our Digital Marketing Executive, and looks after all our content: blogs, videos, social media, SEO.

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