Ottoman & Persian Wonders

Istanbul - Ashgabat

32 days through Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan
FROM: $4230 USD + 1,205 USD Kitty
Overland Expedition Vehicle
Two Dragoman Crew Members, Local Crew Member in certain areas, Local Guides where necessary
Comfortable Hotel 9 nights
Multishare Hostel 5 nights
Camping 1 night
Basic Hotel 12 nights
Camping without facilities 2 nights
Guesthouse 2 nights
Breakfasts x 15, Lunches x 3, Dinners x 3
$290 USD per person
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This overland tour connects Turkey, Iran & Turkmenistan, three incredible countries on the ancient Silk Road. Turkey has been invaded from nearly every direction in the course of its history which makes it a melting pot of influences; Iran is one of the world's best kept travel secrets, which never fails to surprise its visitors; and Turkmenistan has some of the most remote scenery on earth, where the people still live largely nomadic lives. Between them they have no shortage of incredible places to explore, including the Blue Mosque, the battlefields on the Gallipoli Peninsula, the Dome of Soltaniyeh, the historic Bazaar of Tabriz, the colourful Prometheus Caves, the unworldy geological wonder of Cappadocia and the unique Turkmen capital of Ashgabat.


Guided tour of Golestan Palace in Tehran
Learn about Iran's fascinating history at the National Museum
See the spectacular Dome of Soltaniyeh
Wander through the ancient bazaar of Tabriz, the largest covered market in the world
Overnight in the Kurdish town of Do?ubayaz?t
Overland Eastern Turkey and wild camp en-route
Guided tour of the valley of Cappadocia
Take an optional balloon ride over Cappadocia
Visit the incredible Blue Mosque
Explore the many amazing sites of Istanbul

A great trip for history buffs, this tour takes in more than its fair share of historic sites. Comfortable hotels and a couple of nights wild camping. A fairly fast pace, but some 2 or 3 night stays to really give you time to explore.


Day 1 - Istanbul (5th April 2021)

Border Information: If joining in Istanbul, you will most likely enter Turkey at Istanbul Ataturk Airport (IATA code: IST).

There will be a pre-departure meeting at 10.00am - on arrival please look out for a note from your leader with more information about this important meeting. If you are travelling beyond Tbilisi, your tour leader will need to carefully check your visa situation for your entire trip.

The afternoon will be free to explore the many sights of the incredible exotic city of Istanbul, including the Grand Bazaar, the Bosphorus River, Hagia Sophia and the phenomenal Blue Mosque!

Please note that many of the optional activities will only be possible for those with extra time in Istanbul before the start of your trip with us - please contact your Sales agent if you would like to book pre-tour accommodation with us to have extra time exploring Istanbul.

* Important note - do not bring any medicines containing tramadol, codeine, temazepam, morphine or opiates to Central Asia. These are illegal in all circumstances in most of Central Asia and you will risk arrest. If in doubt about a particular medicine, please do not bring it. See the notes at the bottom for more details. *

Accommodation: Comfortable Hotel

Day 2 - Gallipoli (6th April 2021)
Day 3 - Selcuk (7th April 2021)
Day 4 - Selcuk (8th April 2021)
Day 5 - Pamukkale (9th April 2021)
Day 6 - Olympos (10th April 2021)
Day 7 - Olympos (11th April 2021)
Day 8 - Egirdir (12th April 2021)
Day 9 - Goreme (13th April 2021)
Day 10 - Goreme (14th April 2021)
Day 11 - Mount Nemrut (15th April 2021)
Day 12 - Lake Nemrut (16th April 2021)
Day 13 - Dogubayazit (17th April 2021)
Day 14 - Tabriz (18th April 2021)
Day 15 - Zanjan (19th April 2021)
Day 16 - Tehran (20th April 2021)
Day 17 - Tehran (21st April 2021)
Day 18 - Tehran (22nd April 2021)
Day 19 - Esfahan (23rd April 2021)
Day 20 - Esfahan (24th April 2021)
Day 21 - Esfahan (25th April 2021)
Day 22 - Shiraz (26th April 2021)
Day 23 - Shiraz (27th April 2021)
Day 24 - Zein-o-din (28th April 2021)
Day 25 - Yazd (29th April 2021)
Day 26 - Yazd (30th April 2021)
Day 27 - Khoor (1st May 2021)
Day 28 - Damghan (2nd May 2021)
Day 29 - Shirvan (3rd May 2021)
Day 30 - Ashgabat (4th May 2021)
Day 31 - Ashgabat (5th May 2021)
Day 32 - Ashgabat (6th May 2021)

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05 Apr 21 Istanbul
06 May 21 Ashgabat

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13 Sep 21 Ashgabat
13 Oct 21 Istanbul

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