Tehran, Tashkent & Turkmen

Tehran - Tashkent

29 days through Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
FROM: $3940 USD + 1,320 USD Kitty
Overland Expedition Vehicle
Two Dragoman Crew Members, Local Guides where necessary, Local Crew Member in certain areas
Comfortable Hotel 14 nights
Basic Hotel 9 nights
Guesthouse 2 nights
Camping without facilities 2 nights
Yurt Camp 1 night
Breakfasts x 22, Lunches x 3, Dinners x 3
$290 USD per person
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If you want to explore and marvel at the blue mosques and architecture of Central Asia then this is the trip for you. Uzbekistan's Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand fight for supremacy with Iran's stunning cities of Esfahan, Shiraz and Yadz. The sheer quantity and quality of these magnificent cities defies belief.

Add in the history, civilisations and religion of the region and you have a fascinating journey. Sitting in the middle of this Islamic world, are the living relics of the 2000 year old Zoroastrian culture that is found around Yadz in central Iran and the remains of the "greatest city on Earth" Persepolis, the capital of the ancient Persian empire which was destroyed by Alexander the Great.

Explore the unique Turkmen capital of Ashgabat on a guided tour
Visit the sufi complex in Bastam, Iran
Walking tour of ancient Damghan
Explore the ancient desert town of Khoor and its beautiful palm trees
Discover the winding streets and adobe architecure of Yazd's Old Town
Visit the Zoroastrian Fire Temple and witness its ancient fire
Overnight at traditional caravanserai at Zein-o-Din
Guided tour of the incredible ruins of the ancient Persian capital of Persepolis
Walking tour of some of the highlights of the old city of Shiraz
Relax in the city square of Naqsh-e Jahan in Esfahan

An easy trip staying mainly in comfortable hotels or guesthouses; this is a trip for travellers who enjoy history, architecture and culture and meeting peoples of different backgrounds.

Day 1 - Tehran (20th April 2021)
Border Information: If joining in Tehran, you will most likely enter Iran at Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (IATA code: IKA).

There will be a pre-departure meeting at 6:00pm - please do not be alarmed if there is no welcome note at the hotel on your arrival, as today is usually a travel day for the leaders and they are due to arrive in Tehran by mid-afternoon.

Please note that due to restrictions on citizens of the UK, USA and Canada being permitted to remain unaccompanied in Iran, you will need to fly into Tehran on the same day as the trip starts. These transfers from the airport to your joining hotel are automatically included in your trip. If arriving outside of these times please contact your sales agent. Please ensure the correct dates for your plans are clearly stated on all your visa applications.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodation: Comfortable Hotel

Day 2 - Tehran (21st April 2021)
Day 3 - Esfahan (22nd April 2021)
Day 4 - Esfahan (23rd April 2021)
Day 5 - Esfahan (24th April 2021)
Day 6 - Shiraz (25th April 2021)
Day 7 - Shiraz (26th April 2021)
Day 8 - Zein-o-din (27th April 2021)
Day 9 - Yazd (28th April 2021)
Day 10 - Yazd (29th April 2021)
Day 11 - Khoor (30th April 2021)
Day 12 - Damghan (1st May 2021)
Day 13 - Shirvan (2nd May 2021)
Day 14 - Ashgabat (3rd May 2021)
Day 15 - Ashgabat (4th May 2021)
Day 16 - Darvaza (5th May 2021)
Day 17 - Kunye Urgench (6th May 2021)
Day 18 - Khiva (7th May 2021)
Day 19 - Khiva (8th May 2021)
Day 20 - Bukhara (9th May 2021)
Day 21 - Bukhara (10th May 2021)
Day 22 - Bukhara (11th May 2021)
Day 23 - Kyzylkhum Desert (12th May 2021)
Day 24 - Samarkand (13th May 2021)
Day 25 - Samarkand (14th May 2021)
Day 26 - Samarkand (15th May 2021)
Day 27 - Tashkent (16th May 2021)
Day 28 - Tashkent (17th May 2021)
Day 29 - Tashkent (18th May 2021)

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20 Apr 21 Tehran
18 May 21 Tashkent

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31 Aug 21 Tashkent
28 Sep 21 Tehran

$3,940 USD + 1,320 USD Kitty

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