Wall, Warriors & Northern Laos Wanderer

Luang Prabang - Beijing

45 days through Laos, China
FROM: $7520 USD
Overland Expedition Vehicle, Private Bus, Ferry, Overnight Boat, Metro, Taxi
Two Dragoman Crew Members, Local Guides where necessary, One Local Crew Member
Comfortable Hotel 8 nights
Guesthouse 8 nights
Basic Hotel 24 nights
Multishare Hostel 2 nights
Overnight Boat 2 nights
Breakfasts x 16, Lunches x 1, Dinners x 1
$435 USD per person
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See the best of China’s northern and southern regions, and a little bit of Laos, on an overland adventure between Beijing and Luang Prabang. Visit no less than three sacred mountains: Wutai Shain, Emei Shan, and Wudang Shan; explore the world-famous Giant Panda Centre in Chengdu; trek the upper trail of the imposing Tiger Leaping Gorge; spend three days among the locals on a cruise along the Yangzte River; and walk along the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall of China. While in China, our local guide will help us find the best local restaurants and street food stalls, so we can eat as the locals do. In northern Laos, enjoy a few days in the stunning countryside around the small town of Luang Namtha and the nearby Nam Ha National Park.

Guided tour of Xi'an's world famous Terracotta Warriors
Explore Xi'an and its myriad of attractions
Visit the huge former Tang Dynasty royal palace of Daming
Go to the birthplace of the martial art of Tai Chi at Wudang Shan
Trek up the Wudang Shan's Tianzu Peak to the Taoist martial arts school
3 day Three Gorge cruise on the Yangtze River
Visit the three gorges dam, the largest hydroelectric dam in the world
Stop off at the ancient Zhang Fei temple, famous for its red-light decoration
Side trip to see the amazing sleeping Buddha in the Dazu Caves
Visit to the Giant Panda breeding centre in Chengdu

This is a relaxed and comfortable journey through China and northern Laos, staying in well-equipped hotels and guesthouses. Some longer drive days, but the scenery is beautiful. Some attractions may involve climbing steps, although taking a cable car is often also an option.

Day 1 - Luang Prabang (30th March 2022)

Border Information: If joining in Luang Prabang, you will most likey enter Laos at Luang Prabang International Airport (IATA code: LPQ).

Today will be a free day to explore the beautiful city of Luang Prabang until the evening. There will be a group meeting today at 6:00pm - please look out for a note from your tour leader on arrival at the joining hotel with more information about this important meeting.

Please note that many of the options listed below will only be possible for those with extra time in Luang Prabang before the start of your trip with us - please contact the Sales team if you would like to book pre-tour accommodation with us to have extra time exploring Luang Prabang.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodation: Comfortable Hotel

Day 2 - Luang Namtha (31st March 2022)
Day 3 - Luang Namtha (1st April 2022)
Day 4 - Luang Namtha (2nd April 2022)
Day 5 - Mohan (3rd April 2022)
Day 6 - Xishuangbanna (4th April 2022)
Day 7 - Kunming (5th April 2022)
Day 8 - Kunming (6th April 2022)
Day 9 - Kunming (7th April 2022)
Day 10 - Dali (8th April 2022)
Day 11 - Dali (9th April 2022)
Day 12 - Tiger Leaping Gorge (10th April 2022)
Day 13 - Tiger Leaping Gorge (11th April 2022)
Day 14 - Tiger Leaping Gorge (12th April 2022)
Day 15 - Panzhihua (13th April 2022)
Day 16 - Emei Shan (14th April 2022)
Day 17 - Emei Shan (15th April 2022)
Day 18 - Chengdu (16th April 2022)
Day 19 - Chengdu (17th April 2022)
Day 20 - Dazu (18th April 2022)
Day 21 - Chongqing (19th April 2022)
Day 22 - Yangtze River (20th April 2022)
Day 23 - Yangtze River (21st April 2022)
Day 24 - Yangtze River (22nd April 2022)
Day 25 - Xiang Fan (23rd April 2022)
Day 26 - Wudang Shan (24th April 2022)
Day 27 - Wudang Shan (25th April 2022)
Day 28 - Xi'an (26th April 2022)
Day 29 - Xi'an (27th April 2022)
Day 30 - Xi'an (28th April 2022)
Day 31 - Yan'an (29th April 2022)
Day 32 - Lijiashan (30th April 2022)
Day 33 - Pingyao (1st May 2022)
Day 34 - Pingyao (2nd May 2022)
Day 35 - Pingyao (3rd May 2022)
Day 36 - Wutai Shan (4th May 2022)
Day 37 - Wutai Shan (5th May 2022)
Day 38 - Datong (6th May 2022)
Day 39 - Datong (7th May 2022)
Day 40 - Jinshanling (8th May 2022)
Day 41 - Chengde (9th May 2022)
Day 42 - Chengde (10th May 2022)
Day 43 - Beijing (11th May 2022)
Day 44 - Beijing (12th May 2022)
Day 45 - Beijing (13th May 2022)

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30 Mar 22 Luang Prabang
13 May 22 Beijing

$7,520 USD

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