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Our Fleet - Dragoman Overland

Our Fleet

Elle 2

Elle 2 has been exploring off the beaten track of South America since 2015. 

The dust tracks of the Altiplano and the jungles of the Amazon cause no issues for this battle-hardy legend of the fleet.


Florence is our newest addition to the fleet and hit the road mid-2018.

She headed out to make her debut on the road in Cairo and will be travelling down to Cape Town.

Gus 2

Gus 2 is another valuable member of our South American fleet.

Whether it's the stunning scenery of Patagonia or the wildlife of the Pantanal that you're visiting, he'll get you there as quickly as he can.

Helena 2

Helena has pretty much been there and done that!

You'll spot her along the Silk Route, exploring Iran and Southeast Asia and also dipping in and out of North Africa.


Imani was built out in Africa by our team of mechanics. 

She remains on the road there overlanding between Cairo and Cape Town.


Layla makes her way around the India Loop, through Central Asia and into Southeast Asia on a regular basis.

She'll manouevre her way through the hectic city roads of India in no time at all!


Lolly primarily helps us out with our family overlanding tours.

She can be found in Kenya and Tanzania or travelling from Victoria Falls to Windhoek.


Madge is a stalwart of the Dragoman fleet.

She overlands some of the toughest terrain in West Africa but always keeps a smile on her dashboard!

Mamasita 2

Mamasita 2 is another of our legendary South America overlanding trucks.

She knows her way around the continent and has a few stories she could tell you along the way.